Sample collection kit

Sample collection DNA RNA

The CE IVD kit is designed for collection, transportation and short-time storage of specimen total DNA/RNA of saliva, blood, serum, stool and body fluid, etc. Typically, samples are taken by a swab from throat or nasal. The preservatives will lyse the organism and inactivate the cells, bacteria and virus. The stored samples can be used in subsequent molecular experiments such as DNA/RNA extraction, PCR testing or sequencing.
Before use, the product can be stored at 15℃ – 30℃ for 24 months. After use, the sample can be stored at room temperature for 1 week, or store at -20℃ or below for long term storage.


Vacuum blood collection tube

Tubo raccolta sangue sottovuoto

The CE IVD collection tubes are of high quality to reduce the variation of blood samples before analysis and error for the clinic labs. Good compatibility makes it fit different biochemical analyzer, immunity analyzer and blood analyzer. Full range of tubes available: Ø13X75mm, Ø13X100mm, Ø16X100mm, Ø9X120mm.

Different types of tubes:
  • Gel & Clot Activator tube
  • No Additive Tube
  • Clot Activator tube
  • Heparin tube
  • PT tube
  • Glucose tube
  • DNA tube
  • EDTA tube
  • NAT tube
  • ESR tube
  • ESR fast detector