Easy PGX

termociclatore thermal cycler real time PCR

The CE IVD real time PCR offers intuitive software and superior instrument quality empowering you with fast, reproducible and accurate results. The state of the art thermal cycler, the modular LED optical cartridges and the on-board instrument self-diagnostic capability keeps the lifetime costs low and makes the EasyPGX a need in clinical laboratories.

  • Excitation Source: 8 dye specific LEDs per optical module
  • Optical Cartridges: SYBR/FAM, HEX, ROX, CY3, CY5, ATTO425 - 6 slots, swappable optical modules
  • Reaction Volume: 10 μl to 30 μl
  • Chemistries Supported: SYBR and TaqMan chemistries
  • Thermal System: Six Peltiers made from two ceramic plates with semi-conductor elements, 96-well
  • Experiment Types: Quantitative PCR with dye, Quantitative PCR with probe, Allele Discrimination with probe, Comparative Quantitation
  • User defined
  • Data Acquisition Time <3 seconds for all
  • Weight and Dimensions: 50 lbs. (23 kg) – “19.7” W x 18.1 “D x 16.5” H (50cm x 46cm x 42cm)