The hospital where you work is ready to deal with a case of Candida auris?

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1) Because the spread of resistant strains of the Candida auris fungus continues to affect an ever-increasing number of Italian regions.
And also because the fungus, as issued by the Ministry of Health: «is resistant to commonly used antifungal treatments, including azoles, echinocandins and polyenes, and to the usual antifungal products for cleaning surfaces. Furthermore, it is difficult to diagnose by standard laboratory methods, which easily lead to misidentification and consequent inappropriate handling of cases of infection or colonisation.

2) Both tests, if used correctly, allow the identification of Candida auris. Compared to a culture test, the result of which is obtained after ~ 48 h, the molecular test is much faster.

3) Real-Time PCR is a rapid, sensitive and specific method which allows a large number of samples to be processed in a short time.
AurisID is a UNIQUE kit on the market. Here because.
It is the fastest and most productive: it processes from 1 to 94 swabs in 50 minutes;
has the best performance: sensitivity, specificity, PPV, NPV ~ 100%;
it is the only one from surveillance swabs (Copan) that does not require DNA extraction, validated and CE-IVD marked.
Given it’s high speed, AurisID makes it possible to promptly implement all the measures to isolate the colonized patient and to contain the spread of the fungus.

The kit is compatible with Copan eSwab buffers: the buffer carrier liquid is directly loaded into the reaction mix, without the need for an extraction step. This makes it possible to increase the throughput of the test by reducing the set-up times of the analytical session. The kit is compatible with the most common Real-Time tools. Thanks to this you will be able to exploit the resources already existing in your laboratory. In case these are not available, LionDx can provide instruments in service.

The protocol is based on 40 amplification cycles, within which it is possible to detect up to <1copy/reaction. The kit has a clinically proven specificity of 100%, so if there is amplification within 40 cycles the test should be interpreted as positive.

Thanks to the use of the swab, the AurisID kit can help detect the DNA of the fungus even from surfaces.

AurisID is a highly innovative kit UNIQUE on the market (see point 2). So it will be enough to ask LionDx for the “certificate of uniqueness” and proceed quickly with “direct negotiation”.
In the event that your facility does not have an instrument suitable for performing a Real-Time PCR, LionDx will be happy to provide one in service.

LionDx, a company specialized in fungal diagnostics, makes its know-how available in case your facility needs it. Furthermore, through specialists, it offers on-site demos as well as a “direct line” with its customers for every need.

Surveillance is the best form of prevention. Since the colonization by Candida auris is totally asymptomatic and that the infection occurs by contact, it is necessary to screen all patients to be admitted to high-risk departments (such as intensive care), so as to avoid the onset of outbreaks. In the event that a patient is found to be positive, it would be necessary to screen all the people who came into contact with the colonized patient as well as potentially contaminated hospital surfaces (see point 1).
AurisID is the perfect kit for surveillance: it has 50 tests that can be used individually. The current lot expires at the end of December 2024.

AurisID is the perfect kit for surveillance: it has 50 tests that can be used individually. The current lot expires at the end of December 2024.
So if you buy it today you have almost 2 years to carry out 50 tests!
To have at least one AurisID kit means taking out a policy against Candida auris.

LionDx is available to organize training meetings at your facility in order to make the connection between the clinical and diagnostic sectors more effective.