A high scientific know-how

LionDx develops and markets diagnostic kits for Clinical Microbiology with particular specialization in the field of Fungal Diagnostics.
Founded by Mikkel Johansen, a biologist of American origin, it boasts a large group of molecular biologists who have been working in the sector for 25 years.

Avantgarde solutions

LionDx is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, that markets, researches and develops a wide range of CE-IVD diagnostic kits, reagents, instruments and consumables for both research and diagnostic laboratory. Our highly qualified sales force and our technical support team cover all Italian regions.

Venice symbol of commercial expansion

We are located in the heart of the Triveneto, an area in continuous development that believes and invests in biotechnology and that with Marco Polo has become a symbol of prosperity and discovery. We are inspired by this illustrious Venetian for the commercial exchanges that take place overseas. For companies that want to expand internationally and to start and improve sales in the Italian market, we offer customized development services.